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Dosing Products

EcoShot Meter

EcoShot Meter

Available in two sizes, this precise dosing system is suitable for most viscous sealing and gluing materials and covers almost all applications as a standard model.
The electric shot meter acts like a buffer by compensating for the pressure peaks in the system. Irrespective of the remaining plant, conditions therefore always remain constant at the outlet of the shot meter. Pressure fluctuations no longer play a role in application with the EcoShot Meter.

EcoDose PCL


  • Cost-effective system for achieving the required application quality
  • Simple programming of different brushes in the robot program
  • Good reachability to areas of the car body for application
  • Flexibility: use of different nozzles
  • Flow-controlled System


  • Pressure-controlled dosing system with flow control
  • Applicator for up to three (different) nozzles with optimum accessibility


EcoDose SM 


  • Option of volume-controlled or pressure-controlled application
  • Very high application Quality (e.g. cosmetic seams)
  • Flexibility: use of different nozzles


  • Dosing system with electric shot meter (EcoShot Meter) single or double system
  • The double dosing system is used when the material is circulated – one dosing unit is filled while the other is dosing material
  • With large applications up to endless operation, the double dosing system can be used as a tandem by operating the two double dosing systems in parallel
  • Applicator for up to three (different) nozzles with optimum accessibility
  • Low maintenance effort thanks to modular design
  • Central lubrication point and visual position indication
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