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Training Center Shanghai, China

Fred Huang
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Learning the art of paint finishing

Dürr training center in Shanghai

Every system is only as good as its operators. We have the skills and specializations to help train your employees to be the top of the industry. Our professional and comprehensive training programs encompass different topics for practical implementation and will provide you with methodically trained employees. This leads to smooth and long-lasting plant operations.

Through our experienced Dürr team of instructors we are able to assist your company so it is able to operate independently and sustainably for many years to come. We offer a wide selection of special training courses with different levels of expertise.

Whether plant operation, software programming or mechanical maintenance, the participants will gather practical experience during our courses in an environment that is specifically adapted to learners' needs. We offer state of the art Dürr robots, as well as new paint and gluing application technology for a hands-on approach that is engaging.



Available Courses

  • Painting Mechanical Training
  • Painting Electrical Training
  • Basic Painting Process Training
  • Software Training
  • Advanced Painting Process Training
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