Application technology

Dürr offers a complete product program for wet and powder painting.


High-tech for fully automated paint application jobs

Surface optics and paint quality are critically dependent on the application technology implemented.

In the high-tech sector of automated paint application, the Application Technology business unit is the clear world-market and technology leader. Regardless of the product form, paint system or number of production units, we have well-engineered solutions at our disposal including software, for example painting robots, paint atomizers and quality assurance systems.


Customer-oriented solutions for vehicle sealing and to all bonding processes in vehicle production

The innovative Dürr Ecopaint Sealing system product range improves economic efficiency and guarantees highest quality and environmental compatibility in vehicle sealing.
The Dürr Ecopaint Gluing bonding solutions are based on know-how and experience from several hundred installations that have been successfully carried out in recent years.

We supply products either individually or as combined intelligent overall solutions.

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